4 reasons you should be making the most out of winter

It’s just about at the point where we’ve already had enough of the cold, the wind, the drizzle and damp, and when a mid-winter getaway would be just what the doctor ordered — a dose of sunshine to rid yourself of that perpetually running nose. As much as we grizzle, however, there is something to be said for the cooler season. With all the wrapping up, nights in and negligible guilt about eating dessert, here are a few reasons we’re making the most out of winter, even if it’s just begun.

1. There’s no longer a need to compete in the ‘who’s having more fun’ stakes
All that summertime ‘fun’ has left us spent, exhausted from back-to-back activities: weekends at the beach, extreme-outdoor escapades, barbecues, garden parties, wedding parties and festival punting. We welcome the winter days where the only expectations involve an accommodating sofa and a metre-long list of Netflix recommendations.

2. Global warming seems implausible
Scientists report the situation is rapidly deteriorating, but we feel better about burying our heads in the sand when each day seemingly cooler than the last, makes the likelihood of the problem’s existence feel that much more improbable.

3. One must consume more calories to survive the harsh conditions
As our metabolic rate increases during the cooler weather, we are forced to consume calorie-laden, pastry-encased foods so that we simply don’t fall over. Hence the pies, the puddings and the pastries. Browse our pick of the best comfort food here.

4. No outdoor chores
No lawn-mowing, the pool cleaning goes by the wayside and the plants water themselves. No household vanity tasks are expected during winter. If you’re having people over, it will most likely be dark anyway.


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