3 Ted Talks for a more productive 2020

Hoping to actually stick to your New Year’s resolutions? Find inspiration in these three, must-watch TED talks on productivity.

How To Get Your Brain To Focus 
Described by TED as “the most productive man you’d ever hope to meet” there’s really no safer hands to put you in than those of ‘productivity and performance’ expert Chris Bailey. Unsurprisingly, the biggest takeaway from his latest talk is that technology and overstimulation have the biggest negative impact on our attention span and ability to focus.

A Powerful Way To Unleash Your Natural Creativity
When it comes to productivity, it seems the biggest thing we can learn from history’s most celebrated creatives is the art of the ‘slow-motion multitask’. Author Tim Harford explains how the world’s most talented innovators, such as Darwin and Einstein, juggled multiple projects in order to achieve their goals.

How To Ask For Help — And Get A Yes
It’s something that brings discomfort to most, but asking for help is a necessary evil when it comes to getting things done. In this talk, psychologist Heidi Grant shares simple advice that not only makes the asking process easier, but ensures that whoever is being asked for help is given a satisfying and rewarding result, too. 


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