10 apps to Enhance Your Iphone

We weren’t living up to our potential until now, thanks Airows.

Rekindling our relationship with productivity, these applications have made getting down to business a pleasure. From a better version of the standard Apple camera to a more elegant calendaring solution, ignore their installation at your own peril.

1. Weather Line
Why read about the impending spring shower when you can have a one-glance infographic forecast to help you decide immediately on weather appropriate attire and activities?

2. Splikity
Sporting military-grade encryption, you can say goodbye to reseting passwords via email with this ultimate password safe. Automatically saving and syncing between its mobile and desktop apps, switching between devices mid-task has never been easier.

3. Mailbox
Apple mail is fine…until you meet its light, fast and mobile-friendly cousin that lets you scan entire conversations in a chat-like view and quickly swipe messages to your archive or trash.

4. Waze
Saving your skin with alternative routes whenever there’s a real-time hold-up, this community-based GPS app is set to blow Apple Maps out of the water.

5. Sunrise Calendar App
With its slick and simple design and desktop counterpart, even the most chaotic of schedules become bearable.

6. Manual
An app for burgeoning photographers who know what “ISO” means that will equip the already awesome iPhone camera with SLR-esque features.

7. Any.do
Let the task crushing commence! Already boasting a cult following, you’ll be making things happen in a snap with this cross-platform, daily task manager.

8. Pocket Casts
Leaps and bounds better than the standard in-phone version, Pocket Casts will make your listening pleasure a priority and look good doing it.

9. Connect Contact Manager
Quickly navigate through lists of contacts, reorder said lists and send group messages or simply swipe a contract to call, send a message or add to a list with this savvy contact manager.

10. Instapaper
The grandpa of the group, this app may have been around for a while, but if you’re not familiar with it, hop to it. Letting you save stories you’ve come across on the web to read later, it’s also perfect for when you spot a long read you want to come back to when without WiFi.

Via Airows


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