Why paddle when you can fly?

If you've ever had the desire to fly, you'll understand Kiwis' burgeoning affection for Flyboarding.

Soaring in popularity, the latest extreme water sport, revolutionising the world since its 2011 conception, is no longer confined to celebrity getaways in Ibiza, with the surreal sport increasingly making waves at our local lakes and beaches. Offering the closest feeling to being Superman as humanly possible, riding a Flyboard will see you propelled from the water to the sky in seconds, where you’ll be hovering up to 15 metres high.

Joining the rest of the world in sharing Flyboarding’s founder, French jet ski racer, Franky Zapata’s ardent appreciation for this intoxicating form of recreation, there is a growing number of local Flyboard fanatics offering Kiwis the chance to experience this enlivening activity. Take advantage of New Zealand’s largest lake with FlyBoard Taupo, view Lake Esplanade’s glory from a whole new aerial perspective with FlyBoard Queenstown, or ignite envy among Takapuna beach goers with FlyBoard X NZ. Or better yet, treat yourself – and in doing so, also your friends and family – to your very own FlyBoard and spend this summer in star-worthy style.

Quite possibly the most exhilarating water sport experience, Flyboarding combines the best wakeboarding and surfing sensations, leaving paddle boarders in its wake. Essentially a type of water jetpack with boots strapping the rider in, the Flyboard is attached to a jet ski via a long hose which water is thrust through at a speed controlled by the jet ski’s throttle, forcing ample pressure to the jet nozzles beneath the rider’s boots, driving said rider into the air or headlong through the water at an invigorating speed. Unlike wakeboarding or waterskiing, there’s no need for any wait time for the boat to come back around, meaning more time to experiment and master thrilling 360s and backflips.

For those who typically shy away from extreme sports, Flyboarding beckons to be given a go, with the tricks to master solely being to emerge from the water with an Iron Man-like stance and a forward tilt to keep moving. So strap yourself in for an incredible ride and let this inverted skydive help you pluck up the courage for an adrenaline-abounding summer.


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