Cougar Boys’ Torrell Tafa on his effortless style and why he never leaves home without his frames

Renowned for documenting his travels around the world in beautifully-composed images and videos, Torrell Tafa has carved out a path for himself that allows his creativity to shine — and takes him to some pretty special places. Alongside his adeptness behind (and in front of) the camera, Tafa is also known for his day-to-day style, which combines easy-to-wear, laid-back pieces with pops of colour and the occasional, tailored item. Above all, he emphasises his love for accessorising and after discovering the HUGO range from Specsavers, he tells us how a good pair of frames have become crucial for any occasion. Here, he shares his style secrets and offers some sage, sartorial advice for guys.

How would you describe your style?
I’m a chameleon and adapt to the situation. I have a variety of options that I’ll mix and match depending on what I’m doing that day. So the key to my wardrobe is adaptable, stylish and classic pieces. If I know I’ve got a full day planned I’ll have a nice pair of pants and basic top that I can dress down with a denim jacket to head to a cafe for some coffee and editing, or dress up with a blazer for a lunch meeting or dinner date. I have a laid back look, so accessories are key to finishing it off. A statement pair of frames and a hat ensure that the look is stylish and not too relaxed!

What is something you never leave the house without?
I’m not high maintenance, so my phone, headphones (essential) and wallet. If I’m editing, I wear prescription glasses for close-up work and, after this glorious summer, I always carry sunglasses — the HUGO circular frames from Specsavers are my current go-to.

What is your go-to outfit for a busy workday?
As a full-time freelancer, I have the benefit of prioritising comfort. So I’m usually in something comfortable when I’m editing at home, like basketball shorts and a hoodie. It’s essential to have the hoodie on over my head so I have no peripheral vision to distract me #ProTip. However, when I’m heading out to get work done I dial up the style factor. A relaxed cuffed pant with a collared t-shirt is the perfect outfit for sitting around answering emails and editing but is also smart enough for meetings. I always feel a little more dressed up when I add some sharp glasses.

What is your favourite outfit to wear on a day off?
A basic t-shirt paired with my favourite black ripped jeans and ankle socks with some sneakers on. This is an outfit you’ll see me in on a day off, out shopping or catching up with friends. Simple!

Walk us through some of the key accessories you always wear.
I love my frames – I have different pairs for different things I’m doing throughout the day. I feel like they can really add to an outfit. When editing, reading or chilling with friends glasses are a no brainer to avoid eye strain, but I also love the fun you can have pairing them with outfits too. Specsavers gave me the opportunity to road test the latest range from HUGO which was really fun. I love that there are so many different shapes and colours, so you can find something for every occasion and mood – after all, fashion is about reflecting your personality. I love the HG03 frame in blue with the heavy bridge which is great for a classic, yet modern look. The round HG SUN RX 02 prescription sunnies are so cool, perfect for when I’m out and about. I also love hats! I own so many hats. Like my frames, I have a range for different moods. Very rarely will you see me without a hat to match my outfit.

Do you have any style rules you always follow?
A style rule I always follow is to never colour match my tops and bottoms. You will never see me dressed in all black or all grey! I also try to be open to new styles and trends and never rule anything out until I’ve tried it on! Things can look so different on your body than when you see them on the hanger.

If you could give one piece of style advice to guys, what would it be?
Quality is a fashion rule I live by. It’s all about having quality pieces you can mix and match that can be used for all occasions. Then it’s about the details. The key to finishing any look is the right accessories and statement pieces. By simply changing one item you can go from a casual coffee catch-up look to a sophisticated dinner date – switch up a simple frame for one with more detailing, or add a tailored jacket.


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