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The unisex appeal of denim

Rip up the denim rule-book and embrace your true blues in a flurry of new looks.

A sartorial staple of the highest utility, no matter what walk of life one hails from, most can find an item of denim clothing in their wardrobe. Having come full circle since the jaunty patchwork denim jeans of the 60s, the 70s flare, the rigid 80s straight leg, the 90s bootleg, through to a decade-long obsession with the skinny jean, we’re currently reverting back to cuts of the past.

It’s clear that denim jeans are an ever-evolving equation. Not solely limited to the bottom half, denim has undeniably also been exploited on jackets, overalls, skirts, shirts — you name it. Now more than ever, it’s reigning supreme, going further than we’ve seen before. While we’re not suggesting you channel Britney and JT’s double-denim faux pas, a well-considered accessory here and there could be considered a seasonal essential.

Repurposed denim is also making its way into the spotlight. A pair of pieced-together pants made from second-hand denim, like Vetements’ reworked jeans, at a cool US$1450 a pair, are a nod to the popular Japanese belief that the more often items are mended, the more valuable and beautiful they become. Trending also are decorative denims; pieces with luxury trims like shearling, or shiny patent collars, intricate patches and hand-painted accents. Whatever wash, colour, or style you’re partial to, it’s safe to say that denim shall likely remain your friend for life.

Slide 1 clockwise from left to right
3×1 Denim Fringed Dress from Moda Operandi
MM6 Denim Kimono jacket from The Shelter
Sway Dress from Taylor Boutique
Denim x Shearling jacket from Topshop Unique
Twist Lock bag from Louis Vuitton
Marios boots from The Shelter

Slide 2 — clockwise from left to right
Denim patch pocket chore jacket from Workshop
Workman pants from Workshop
Denim blazer from Gubb & Mackie
Denim backpack from Prada
Coconut Grove Slip-on from Louis Vuitton
Denim and shearling jacket from Gucci
Run Away sneakers from Louis Vuitton


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