The sleep that dreams are made of

Take your beauty sleep to the next level with the world-class Sanctuary mattress.

There are some things in life that you just shouldn’t compromise on and a good mattress is one of them. Because for all the sleep that we do or do not get — not that it is ever enough — a superior sleeping substrate can enhance the quality of slumber tenfold, in turn helping us to improve our complexion, cognitive function, muscle growth, tissue repair and, in general, perform the everyday tasks required of a functional human being.

Champion of creating some of the best mattresses on the market, Sleepyhead has quite possibly masterminded ‘the most beautiful sleep ever made’ with the release of its aptly titled Sanctuary mattress. Inside this dreamboat of a bed is some sensational ‘do not disturb’ technology designed to ensure that those enjoying a beautiful sleep can do so without any disturbance whatsoever. One of the only companies to fabricate the entirety of its product in New Zealand, the embedded Sensorzone technology — the most advanced support system yet — helps to align the spine with the positive resistance provided by the combination of spring and foam.

There’s a spate of boast-worthy features we could touch on; the anti-microbial treatment of the comfort layer, the luxurious natural fibres used within including NZ wool and silk, the 80 years worth of experience that goes into the craftsmanship. But what we’re really concerned about is how it feels when it comes time for a bit of shut-eye. With seven zones of targeted support exactly where you need it, consider yourself amply cocooned. And if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that a night spent sleeping on the Sanctuary will have you walking on a cloud come the sound of your alarm clock.

Purchase a Sleepyhead Sanctuary bed before 30th November 2016 and you could win a trip for two to New York Fashion Week. See more details here


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