Wrap yourself up in the must-have blanket of summer

On a balmy summer’s evening, is there any better feeling than sitting on the beach, cocooned in a blanket (ideally with a G&T close by) as you watch the sun fall into the sea? We think not. It’s an easy-to-achieve luxury, and one that is elevated by the aid of a cosy throw, such as these. Loosely inspired by the traditional Māori cloak, these contemporary grey blankets feature hukahuka (tassel) detailing and are available in three styles: whero (red), (white) and pango (black). Crafted by the talented artisans at Wellington’s Stansborough textile mill, the versatile pieces are woven from 100% New Zealand wool on looms that date all the way back to the late 1800s. Lavishly soft and impressively breathable (no mean feat for a wool blanket), they are the ideal beach or poolside companion, and are available exclusively at The Poi Room.


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