The perfect coffee machine for you

Let your personality shine through when it comes to brewing coffee at home.

With our increasing at-home barista skills calling for a variety of brewing apparatus, the assortment of domestic coffee making devices on offer has us somewhat confused. In an effort to simplify your options, we’ve selected five of our favourite brewing methods from our friends at Atomic, and matched them to your lifestyle to ensure the utmost suitability. So here goes, coffee lovers:

Rocket Evo Giotto Espresso Machine — for the Entertainer
You’re a bit of a show pony and so it goes that you need a machine that not only oozes aesthetic appeal, but also produces café quality coffees at commercial speed. Going further to assume you could forgo the idle chit chat at the local coffee shop, you are your very own barista when it comes to handling a bonafide machine such as this.

Moccamaster — for the Traditionalist
You either have a hoard of coffee fiends to satisfy every morning or prefer to imagine yourself as one of the cast from Friends, stationed at Central Perk awaiting a refill from the ever-gregarious Gunther, this nostalgic Batch Brew apparatus delivers unfailing consistency and controlled extraction with its crowd-pleasing filter functionality.

Chemex — for the Hipster
So you’ve decided to give soft-brewing an attempt and figured that the friendly Chemex would be a fail-safe option. Congratulations, you were right. And you’ve also managed to look like you know a bit about coffee.

Aeropress — for the Lone Wolf
Void of unnecessary technicalities, it’s all in how you handle this simple device. With an ability to plunge one perfect espresso at a time, it’s the crema on top that will render the Aeropress any bachelor(ette)’s best friend.

Taus Ceramic Dripper — for the Outdoorsy Type
I.e. those who prefer the simpler things in life; this is the apparatus that Bear Grylls himself probably uses when on location (yet away from the cameras). It’s completely portable and designed for optimum soft-brew extraction.


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