The New Corporate Dress Code

Say hello to 'Business Black Collar' — the new workday dress code for creative gents.

While the suit is undoubtedly a fail-safe go-to in any self-respecting businessman’s wardrobe, there’s no denying that the old nine to five staple has been adopting a more liberal stance of late, thanks largely to the professionals working in the creative sector. Whether dropping off a prototype or stopping into a cafe via Vespa for a much-needed espresso, a dynamic lifestyle that expands beyond the borders of the office’s four walls demands comfort, versatility and style. Enter ‘Business Black Collar’, a term coined by menswear savant Murray Crane.

Realising the expanding genre in the menswear market, Crane has developed a line that employs “the introduction of a softer and more relaxed form of tailoring, garments that still look professional but distinguish the wearer as coming from a different industry”. Investing in a tailored blazer is crucial, paired with clever pieces in neutral hues of black, grey and navy. Designed for both form and function, the look can still benefit from the fundamentals of made-to-measure ideals. Try taking things to the next level by tailoring t-shirts, knits, and pants to fit.

Crane Brothers

2-4 High Street

(09) 377 5333


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