The Gentlemen’s necessity-based guide to carrying stuff

Behold a trio of good-looking, versatile bags to lighten your load.

As the year draws to a close, with it comes the urgency to tie up loose ends and where possible, streamline one’s life in preparation for the next term of mayhem. Helping to free cluttered pockets while lightening loads, we turn to the discerning dudes at Crane Brothers to prescribe a bag best suited to you by ascertaining where you’re headed and what your carry-all needs to subsume:

The Everyday Bag
You’ve got papers and gadgets you need to carry to and from the office but a briefcase can come across too corporate, while a messenger bag is a nonstarter. For a sturdy case that’s big enough to take a laptop but still small enough to carry on any flight, the Porter Shorthauler is an ideal companion for everyday travel. And since most of the Porter Yoshida bags are under development for three years before launching, their devotion to excellence is evident in the bag’s little details and pockets that will make your life just that little bit easier.

The Travel Bag
The beauty of a good overnight duffel is how it feels in your hands — sturdy and soft at the same time. And since it lacks a hard shell, it gives and squeezes when necessary. The Porter Boston is the perfect size for a weekend away, or longer if you are a proficient packer. Adamant about putting “heart and soul into every stitch”, the durability of this Porter Yoshida design ensures that it won’t let you down, whatever the terrain, wherever you may roam.

A Bit of Both
Maybe you have a papers-and-folders issue, or a gym-clothes-and-sticks-of-gum matter, but this ‘too much stuff to carry around’ problem can easily be solved with a tote that can toe the line between a heavy workload and an impromptu getaway. The aptly named Porter Tote was made with precisely that in mind, because one can never really be sure what the future holds when you let life lead.

Click here for the Crane Brothers selection of Monocle’s incredibly successful collaboration with Japanese bag artisans Porter Yoshida. The above mentioned styles, strictly handcrafted in Japan, are all available in stately shades of olive, navy and black.

Crane Brothers

Auckland, Wellington, Sydney

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