This new gift box delivery is ‘taking care of’ business for Christmas and beyond

Something to show you care during the little moments that matter most

Shortcuts, mostly in the form of online shopping, are saving us from the horror that is the mall scene at Christmas. But a new business called Taken Care Of is taking the ease of gifting one step further with a customisable set of reinvented gift boxes that are ready to send to loved ones year-round.

Having found herself a whole hemisphere away from friends and family during a year abroad, Olivia Bollen struggled to find a hamper that met her high standards (i.e. not wrapped in cellophane and transported in straw baskets). Sitting on the idea for a few years, she has recently born Taken Care Of which sees her hand compile and wrap a thoughtfully curated and personalised gift bix on behalf of the gifter.

Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on the recipient, Bollen has sourced what she calls “honest and loving products from around the globe” to go into her beautifully finished packages. “This is an ongoing process for me,” she says. “Our gift boxes won’t sit and ‘collect dust’ so to speak on the internet shelves for the next year or two. I’ll be updating and evolving each and every box to ensure our luxurious aesthetic and selection is constantly on the rise.” 

With options to shop for guys, gals, wee ones and old ones, or, to customise according to persuasion or occasion, Taken Care Of is the new gifting service we can’t get enough of. To learn more, visit the website


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