This suitcase holds the secret to wrinkle-free carry-on luggage

As any seasoned business traveller will know, there’s an art to packing for a work trip. Luggage must be able to neatly house a suit, shirts, shoes and laptop in one robust and compact carry on — wheels are of course a non-negotiable. The Vocier C38 sophisticatedly addresses all of these requirements. A sleek piece of luggage made with Italian leather and reinforced plastic, the lightweight suitcase’s finest feature is its ability to transport two suits to and from your destination, essentially wrinkle-free.

With a separate inner compartment for all your shirts, shoes and other bits, the impressive portmanteau allows you to get in and grab a fresh pair of socks without unpacking the whole thing. Likewise, a unique wash bag pocket saves you from the travel nightmare that is shampoo spillage. Managing to offer all of this and still stay within the international carry-on restrictions, the Vocier C38 is in a (business) class of its own.

The Vocier C38 is available locally at Crane Brothers.

Crane Brothers

2-4 High Street

(09) 377 5333


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