Smarty Pants: Our guide to finding the perfect pair of trousers

The right trousers are the foundation of any good outfit. But getting them bang-on is not as easy as it seems. Herein we outline the details you should be aware of when picking a pair of pants.

Trousers are meant to have a break (Google it). If you like short suit trousers, I suggest you invest in a pair from the only designer who pulls this look off, Thom Browne. Making standard trousers two inches shorter than they should be, just looks like they’re a hand-me-down from a short relative.
Try: Rodd & Gunn’s Gladstone Classic Pant

Well cut, well-proportioned trousers are key, so a little tailoring won’t go amiss. Baggy skater jeans and skinny jeans should be banished from the wardrobe immediately.
Try: Workshop’s Tailored Chino

There isn’t one style that suits every body type, although relaxed styles are more universal. If you are wearing elaborately detailed trousers try and even the focus with a plain white t-shirt or shirt. But remember, stripes are slimming and bold patterns are not.
Try: Bassike Men’s Battered Drill Pants from Superette

Rolled, raw or stitched, it can be confusing. Depending on the style of trouser choose wisely as not all cuffs are created equal, especially when it comes to more formal occasions.
Try: Just Another Fisherman’s Pier pant from Superette

You don’t always need a belt. Many styles, both formal and casual, now have the option of side adjusters which make for a clean, minimal waistline and can be extended after overindulging.
Try: Crane Brothers’ Alta Trouser

For those who want to be a little more individualistic, there are many options to set yourself apart. Pleats, contoured stripes and an elasticated waist on more formal trousers have all been brought to the fore.
Try: Crane Brothers’ Larvotto Corduroy Trouser




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