Parker & Co. want to help you find the best frames for your face

Lynne Parker knows her way around a face. Having worked with glasses (and faces) for many years, she has an uncanny ability to find the perfect pair of frames for those struggling to meet their match. Her penchant for high-quality eyewear and an exasperation with anything else has seen her establish Parker & Co. on Nuffield Street, Newmarket, as the Mecca for all things glasses related in Auckland. And while it may not sound like something you have ever considered, arranging a styling session for your next pair of glasses could be just the thing you need to finally find your signature look.

Lynne explains that styling the face is a vital part of finding a frame that both fits with your overall aesthetic and enhances your natural features. A consultation with the experts will see them take into account your bone structure, wardrobe preferences and lifestyle, resulting in a pair of frames that will either encapsulate your essence or be a conduit for change if you want to switch up your look. Styling the face should be just as considered as styling the body, and yet it’s too often left to thoughtless choices and outdated shapes as people generally err on the conservative side where they could afford something a little more adventurous. Offering bold brands such as Gucci and Chloé alongside the more classic look of Saint Laurent, Tom Ford and Thom Browne frames, Parker & Co.’s wide selection ensures a style to suit every taste.

Parker & Co.

26 Nuffield Street

(09) 524 8828


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