The My Little Pony x Deadly Ponies collab has landed and it’s pretty darn cute

Catering to our inner child’s most ardent desires, Deadly Ponies for My Little Pony has landed. Paying homage to the mystical horses from the far-off land of ‘Equestria’, the capsule collection encompasses it all with rainbow swathed totes, wallets, clutches and cute wee coin purses that conveniently latch on to your keys or bag. Using leathers from DP’s archival lines, the colours are more muted than the traditional MLP bright bubble gum palette, which keeps the covetable collection from teetering into too-sweet territory.

Immortalising the fillies in soft toy, clip-on charm form, you can snag your own Rainbow Dash, Applejack or Twilight Sparkle ‘Pony Puff’ head, or take home Deadly Ponies’ very own stead, the all-black (and aptly-named) Shadow. Certainly, something different from the local lords of leather, Deadly Ponies for My Little Pony is a bit of fun and a bit of colour. I mean come on, whose shopping day wouldn’t be brightened by a rainbow leather tote?

The My Little Pony x Deadly Ponies collab will be available in store and online Thursday 3rd August. 


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