Muse opens its doors for personalised evening styling sessions

The modern-day retail experience is so much more than it once was. As customers’ tastes gravitate toward the boutique experience, personalised services are, naturally, part and parcel. Olivia Vincent, owner of high-end Newmarket clothing store Muse, is all too aware of this, which is why she is launching a new, one-on-one styling service called ‘Muse After Dark’.

Offering some of the most globally coveted womenswear brands currently available (Cecilie Copenhagen, Self Portrait, Derek Lam, and as of recently, Victoria Beckham), Muse is already a sartorial mecca of sorts. But by fusing her team’s fashion nous with the welcoming environs of her opulent retail space — recently redesigned by Rufus Knight — Vincent has forged a new aspect of her business that well-heeled women are most certainly going to appreciate.

The idea — already a de facto occurrence — was largely born from the store’s inviting ambience. Muse’s clientele has long been known to linger after closing, enjoying a relaxed catchup over a glass of Champagne, all while poring over the gorgeous clothes on display. By consecrating the concept, clients in search of an exceptional special occasion look, or just a seasonal wardrobe update, can find it in the most relaxing and well-guided way.

It’s a service worthy of putting in one’s little black book; one-on-one styling advice with complimentary Perrier-Jouët, sparkling water, and a light cheese board or a selection from & Sushi. A far cry more appealing than the often-stressful ‘what-on-earth-am-I-going-to-wear-to-that-wedding’ hunt, consider ‘Muse After Dark’ your new go-to wardrobe service. 

You can book your after-hours, one-on-one styling session by emailing [email protected].


11b Teed St

(09) 520 2911


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