These Tiffany & Co. pieces have your name written all over them

There’s no denying that personalisation is very ‘on trend’ at the moment. There is an implicit expectation that special gifts (for someone else or yourself) should be rendered even more so with a unique message or initials.

Fair to say, there is no one more experienced in the practice than luxury jewellers Tiffany & Co. who are celebrating the phenomenon with their new Make it My Tiffany service, now available to New Zealand customers at the Britomart boutique. The comprehensive programme highlights the brand’s unparalleled personalisation offering by giving shoppers the chance to tap into their creativity and self-expression; they can even add a piece of artwork, their signature or handwriting directly onto their chosen item via engraving, etching, embroidery or embossing.

Choosing to opt for this kind of personal touch when giving the gift of jewellery, or any of Tiffany & Co.’s beautiful everyday objects, no doubt takes something from being special to irreplaceable. As arguably the originators of the personalisation trend, we suggest you consult these experts before making your next jewellery purchase.

Tiffany & Co.

33 Galway St

0800 843 326


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