Karen Walker’s new jewellery collection is a love letter to individuality

We’re often told to ‘make a statement’ when it comes to how we dress. Fashion, by its nature, has always been a conduit for communicating something about its proponents. But rarely is this advice able to materialise so literally as with Karen Walker’s latest jewellery collection, LOVE LETTERS.

Created for the “silver tongued” this collection sees Walker, in her typically original way, encouraging us to say something via the pieces we choose to adorn ourselves with. Twenty-six letters make up the collection, with the idea being that wearers mix and match, create secret codes and formulate words that mean something to them (or don’t). Whatever the message is, the point seems to be individuality.”It’s about telling your story in a way that’s subversive and intimate at the same time” explains Walker, and “literally making a statement with your jewellery.”

With stud and hoop earrings (in silver, gold and rose gold) sold as singles and necklaces designed to be layered, Walker has created new shapes and silhouettes but retained her signature style. The collection is fashioned with the arrow detailing now so synonymous with the brand, while a reimagining of the iconic ‘Runaway Girl’ on a stamp pendant is one of the standout pieces.

Considering how prolific our penchant for personalisation is — ‘monogramming’ has become a major trend in luxury fashion — Walker’s message of individuality couldn’t have come at a better time.

Karen Walker’s new jewellery, LOVE LETTERS is available online and in-stores from today. 


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