Karen Walker jewellery’s Magic Hands

Karen Walker shows off her latest collection in truly Advanced Style.

It’s hard to deny the cult appeal of Karen Walker jewellery, hence our swift response to the mention of some new-look pieces on the horizon. Thankfully, we can inform you that the latest drop of must-have bijoux is more covetable than ever, their release coinciding with a striking new campaign by the name of Magic Hands.

No stranger to the practice of pooling creative efforts, Karen Walker’s latest collaboration employs the age-embracing ethos of Advanced Style photographer, Ari Seth Cohen. Indeed, Seth Cohen shot the Karen Walker Jewellery on some seriously characterful hands — the fingers of his ‘West Coast ladies’ who are a posse of pianists, fashion designers, and former ballet stars. The edgy, expressive and elegant models demonstrate their personal compilations of new Karen Walker Jewellery alongside classics including arrow rings and filigree bands.

Retro yet at the same time futuristic, the Star City collection draws its inspiration from the sky — an assemblage of precious stones alongside star and arrow motifs that are a nod to the 1960s Space Race between the Soviet Union and the USA. The theme is captured by Karen Walker’s trademark star motifs which can be found on earrings, a pendant and a matching ring, seen alongside her iconic, omnipresent arrows. 

The capsule collection includes new designs for both Karen Walker Jewellery and Karen Walker Diamond that perfectly capture the fierce independence of the girl these pieces tend to attract. Needless to say, we’re succumbing to these bold celestial accessories.

New additions to Karen Walker Jewellery collections arrive in-store on Thursday 1st September 2016.


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