In store: Neon table lights by Minimalux

Oozing light, colour and minimalistic chic, these lamps make for coveted Christmas gifts.

Recently in the limelight at the renowned London Design Festival and newly arrived at Simon James Concept Store, the Neon table lights by Minimalux epitomise the British brand’s celebrated simple but splendid signature aesthetic. The eye-catching yet understated semblance, partly inspired by late American minimalist artist Dan Flavin and his rectilinear use of commercially available fluorescent light fixtures to create beautiful sculptures, promises to complement the artistic direction of any interior.

Contradictory to their name, these lumière accoutrements aren’t actually neon, but their appearance as so is described as a “trick of the light”; a conventional energy-saving bulb illuminates the coloured internal surfaces of each folded steel box, resulting in a bright, radiant glow that’s visible through the slim, linear apertures that trace the rectangular form.

Creating a look imitative of contemporary strip lights, these cleverly crafted lamps are available in colourful hues that will brighten up any space – blue, pink, green and yellow, or taking the extolled minimalism further, they also come in white. And removing the stress of making a choice from the five equally striking options, these make for a vibrant, statement showpiece when grouped or stacked creatively together.

For a gift that’s sure to ignite envy this Christmas, the Neon range is available exclusively from Simon James Concept Store.

Simon James Design

230 Jervois Road
Herne Bay

09 376 6955


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