Urban Spirit Duffle
Urban Spirit Wallet
Urban Spirit Duffle
Urban Spirit Backpack

The suave anti-identity theft kit every gentleman needs

At first glance, Montblanc’s latest collection of carriers boasts the sort of stylish finesse and quality the brand is synonymous with. However, upon closer inspection, there’s more to the supple, handsome (and handy) Italian leather façade than meets the eye.

Endeavouring to ensure your personal information is kept, well… personal, the German luxury brand’s Urban Spirit collection is a modern traveller’s dream, housing innovative functionality for optimum reliability and security. Fitted with a special lining — also known as the Montblanc Shield — each of the sleekly versatile pieces within the collection come with increased protection against unauthorised reading, copying or tampering when it comes to the classified data found in chips of credit cards and passports. This formidable alliance of craftsmanship and technology is unequivocal.

At the forefront of both business and pleasure, the Urban Spirit’s assemblage — from a full grain cowhide wallet to the tote bag with cufflink closure that can easily transform from daytime work bag to small duffle — is perfect for the modern day wanderers within your midst who often masquerade as those particularly tricky to buy for this time of year.

To peruse the entire collection, visit the website below. 


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