New jewellery label Hera Saabi offers everyday adornments with a twist

Jewellery is one of those fickle things. Most often, it’s when you decide you need a day-to-day piece that it becomes the hardest mission on earth to fulfil. Allow us to introduce a stellar new label, Hera Saabi, that is offering everyday adornments as unique as they are wearable and well-crafted.

Born from a duo of talented Auckland aesthetes, Margie Cooney and Maeve Woodhouse, the newly minted marque touts everyday jewellery with tongue-in-cheek personality. The first season’s designs use the human form as their hallmark, with an eye-catching character at the center of its most iconic pieces such as the Major Tom drop earrings and Signet ring.

Drawing upon the old-world practice of gold-smithing, Hera Saabi celebrates the art of adorning oneself with precious metals in a manner that is both light and playful. Available for pre-order on the website now, we suggest you put your best foot forward by investing in a piece or two before everyone else catches on.


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