Gucci unveils its gift guide with an epic book of illustrations

There are gift guides and there are gift guides. Two that fall into the latter category are Denizens Ultimate Gift Guide (of course) and Gucci’s Gift Giving 2017 campaign. Recently unveiled on the Maison’s website, the product selection caters to gifts for him and her, and includes things such as wallets, bags, phone cases, scarves, t-shirts, footwear and more.

But it’s what is at the core of this selection that is truly inspiring — a gift book created in collaboration with Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal (with whom the fashion house first worked with back in 2015 for its #GucciGram project) which encompasses a series of digital artworks. Staying true to the fashion-forward aesthetic Gucci has become renowned for, the illustrations depict still-life compositions, kittens sitting in Gucci mugs wearing sunglasses and unicorns relaxing in parking spots, amongst other weird and wonderful images.

Each illustration features Gucci products that follow a storyline inspired by the Mythological tale of Icarus, a story which fascinates Monreal. The legend goes, that one ought not to fly too close to the sun, nor too low to the sea — it’s all about finding that centre point of land, something which can be read like a life mantra, and is closely analogous to our everyday lives. In a seamless blend between ancient legend and present day, we know where we’ll be looking for gift inspiration this holiday season.


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