Ecoya collaborates with Australasia’s best florists for a limited edition collection

Part of the reason why candles are so special is their transformative nature. They have the ability to inject a dull space with a lively scent or to take us back to times we played in family gardens or by the beach. They stimulate a harmonious mix of blissful nostalgia and sensory relaxation. Basically, they’re damn good for the soul. Which is why, when Ecoya said they had collaborated with some renowned, Australasian florists to create three, new, limited edition scents, we knew we had to get our hands (and noses) on them quick-smart.

In the iconic candle brand’s first ever collaborative collection, they have teamed up with Sean Cook of Mr. Cook (Sydney), Kelly Karam of Blush Flowers (Auckland) and Jardine Hansen of Jardine Botanic (Tasmania), to create candles that reflect the perfect bouquet, according to each florist. A true embodiment of Ecoya’s characteristically thorough approach and altogether luxurious presence, the candles stand as a testament to the individuality of each collaborator.

Ecoya x Mr. Cook is scented with pomelo, mint and vanda orchid providing an uplifting, refreshing fragrance, that sits in beautiful contrast to the Ecoya x Blush scent– a sultry and uber-feminine blend of fig and tuberose. For the Ecoya x Jardine Botanic candle, the aroma is one of exciting, fresh green leaves with grounding, earthy tones of oud and patchouli.

With packaging to reflect the florists’ signature colours, sporting elegant sketches that speak to each scent, this collection looks as incredible as it smells. Available in store now.



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