Montblanc brings its classic luxury to the smart watch movement

A beautifully engineered smartwatch hybrid with all of the modern day features we need

Wearable technology is nothing new, but many companies forewent traditional design aesthetics in favour of more hi-tech compositions. That was until luxury designers Montblanc partnered with tech giants Google and Qualcomm Technologies to create the Montblanc Summit Smartwatch for men.

Taking the cutting edge technology of Android and pairing it with their classic 1858 timepiece collection has resulted in a smart watch that will lure in even the most traditional watch wearer. It comes with features for travel, fitness, business and leisure and includes a personal assistant, heart rate monitor, personal trainer, messaging, navigation, a global translator and more — basically, it has all of the features we need, and none of the features we don’t. Made with high-quality steel, titanium cases and leather or rubber straps, and with the ability to customise the watch face, you can tailor the look to suit any occasion.

Promising its owners the freedom to have it all, Montblanc CEO Jérôme Lambert explains that the Montblanc Summit bridges the world of traditional watchmaking and digital information with a simple and highly functional product. In a move to inspire a younger generation with an appreciation of classic designs, Montblanc has joined in the race of combining old-school luxury and modern technology.


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