Our show-stopping spring issue is on sale now

“Over the years, I’ve tried it all…” begins Editor-in-Chief of Denizen, Claire Sullivan, in her latest Editor’s Letter, referring to her personal history with exercise in all its unglamorous, inescapable glory. And haven’t we all; extreme diets and outlandish fitness fads are what govern our culture, what bind women together and unite men in friendship. But there’s also the matter of ‘everything in moderation’ for sanity’s sake too.

The pursuit of wellness and a well-balanced lifestyle is universal and unrelenting, and it’s something we throw ourselves into with fervour here at Denizen. Hence, with springtime upon us, we chose to put a spotlight on the topic in our ravishing new issue. Beginning with the celebration of ‘fine form’ on our two covers, shot by Jake Terrey, the spring volume explores how to approach bio-hacking with good measure, delves into the microdosing trend, and gets up-close and personal with Auckland’s current nouveau-fitness gurus.

With so much more to inspire and galvanise — including an extensive insider’s guide to NYC, a comprehensive design section and a run-down on the latest in fashion and culture — we’re quite sure you’ll find this issue as sensational as we do.

Denizen’s new spring issue has two different feature covers. Pick a copy from a decent newsagent near you, or click here to subscribe. 


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