Be Happy — Denizen’s spring issue has landed!

The pursuit of happiness is a fickle one, riddled with answers that range from the easily attainable to the ever elusive. Exploring the theme in our latest issue, The Happy Issue, we take a sweeping approach to the quest for contentment, touching on conventional strategies, such as that of how to achieve workplace bliss and ‘The Art of Now’, to more off-beat and existential sources of satisfaction.

Balanced with in-depth travel guides to Byron Bay, Reykjavik and Miami, as well as a look at some of Auckland’s most exciting new developments, our hefty new release naturally covers all the bases. From the hottest exhibitions to the fashion world’s latest musings and all that’s noteworthy in the world of wellbeing, you can count on this issue of Denizen to well and truly put a spring in your step.

The Spring 2017 issue of Denizen is on sale now. Pick up your copy from any good newsagent today.


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