Our annual Denizen Heroes issue has just hit the shelves

Hot off the press, our latest issue is a celebration of lives lived extraordinarily.

It is with great anticipation that we welcome the arrival of our second annual Denizen Heroes issue. Brimming with a variety of subject matter, a reminder of the many perks that come with wrapping up during winter, it is foremost a celebration of six exceptional individuals who have gone above and beyond to make Auckland and the greater community a better place.

Our winter issue presents a formidable assembly of everything a discerning denizen might require to thrive till spring. We cover off all the incoming trends keeping you warm this winter, a need to know section on the America’s Cup, a luxury guide to Queenstown, and insights into the world of art, culture, fashion, travel and much more. And, of course, in celebration of our Denizen Heroes — individuals who have worked tirelessly for the benefit of others — our latest issue will surely inspire you to pursue the extraordinary.

Boasting six heroes featured on six dedicated covers, Denizen’s winter issue is on sale now. Pick up a copy from any good newsagent today or subscribe here. 


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