Deadly Ponies coats debut

A beloved local label has expanded its stylish empire to include luxurious outerwear.

As temperatures tumble into the chillier territory, few are the wardrobe additions that see us looking forward to winter quite like the prospect of being enfolded in a luxurious embrace. Echoing this inclination, cult accessories label Deadly Ponies have timed their foray into sumptuous outerwear perfectly.

Highlighting the hues of their recent Black Ocean collection, the coats come in a dreamy pastel purple as well as moodier shades of black ink, khaki or Friesian fur — tinctures that are sure to shine through the dreary days ahead. Each coat takes over 45 hours to complete at the hands of the talented artisans in their Auckland studio who skillfully fabricate the coveted garments from the finest quality New Zealand deer suede and calf fur. The coats are then lined with 100% handspun silk before being adorned with striking marble discs. The culminating labour of love is made to order, and nothing short of breathtaking.

Timeless and seriously tactile, we daresay this chill-fighting armour is a necessary addition to winter wardrobe Available exclusively via Deadly Ponies’ Auckland boutiques, orders and enquiries can be directed here or by calling the Ponsonby flagship store on (09) 376 3469.


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