Crane Brothers welcomes one of Italy’s most esteemed labels

Looking to the past for style inspiration is by no means a new concept, with many designers turning to the 70s, 80s and 90s for enlightenment. But the 1790s? That’s less common. For Italian fashion house Barena though, the past has always (somewhat ironically) been where new ideas reside. Proving that Venetians have forever been a damn dapper bunch, the illustrious label embraces traditional tailoring and fabric expertise from the floating city’s rich history, and partners that with contemporary design. Resulting in decidedly modern collections that are simple yet unique with an acute attention to detail, the revered label is available exclusively at Crane Brothers now. A good jacket will last a lifetime, but it seems a Barena will endure forever.

Crane Brothers

2 High Street

(09) 377 5333


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