From Dolce & Gabbana to Crane Brothers: meet the brand’s newest team member

Originally hailing from New Zealand, Fiona MacKinnon studied men’s tailoring in Milan before interning as a seamstress at both Brioni and Caraceni — highly acclaimed Italian ateliers. “Good men’s tailoring is the epitome of ‘slow fashion'” she explained to me, citing her appreciation of the “beautiful quality fabrics woven to last in natural fibres and customised to your personal requirements” as part of the reason that compelled her to study tailoring in the first place. For MacKinnon, less is more when it comes to sartorial pursuits, where quality should always be considered over quantity. “I’d like the wardrobes of both men and women to contain fewer, more treasured pieces,” she says, which is an attitude that has no doubt been affected by her experience working for some of the most luxurious menswear brands around.

Her appointment as a seamstress in the bespoke tailoring department at Dolce & Gabbana’s ‘Alta Sartoria,’ saw her specialise in hand finishing, embroidery and beading for the brand’s one-of-a-kind suits and shirts. Alta Sartoria, if you’ve never heard of it, produces menswear collections of the utmost luxury, specifically for D&G’s highest-tier, VIP clients. The craftsmanship required to create such intricate pieces of clothing is an art form in itself — which makes Fiona’s return home to a New Zealand label all the more significant.

Considering the pedigree of her experience, her passion for fine tailoring and savoir-faire when it comes to dealing with Italian ateliers, MacKinnon is an exceptional addition to the Crane Brothers team, where she will pull from her vast knowledge of the industry to oversee the brand’s production.

This piece originally appeared in our Spring Issue, where Fiona’s surname was printed incorrectly. 

Crane Brothers

2/4 High Street

09 377 5333


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