Coloured gemstones are making a comeback in the pieces of the moment

Diamonds might be forever but it seems there is a groundswell of precious jewel buyers for whom the clear stone doesn’t hold as much fascination as its colourful cousins. Deep green emeralds, eye-catching aquamarines, still blue sapphires, flushed rubellites, faceted spinels and sparkling tourmalines are all returning to the jewellery boxes of today, seen to adorn the hands of influential women the world over (including that of the Duchess of Sussex on her wedding day). It’s a trend that can be put down to the growing customer desire for individualism. No longer is it enough to simply sport a ‘pretty’ ring, now, those investing in beautiful gems want something different, diverse and reflective of their own, distinct tastes.

For a long time, Sutcliffe Jewellery has been meeting this burgeoning need by creating incredible, original pieces from coloured gemstones as well as its more traditional work with diamonds. Intricate cocktail rings spotlighting vivid stones set among detailed strings of diamonds sit alongside a number of earrings and pendants that are also crafted with strategically placed pops of colour. So while simplicity still has its place, sometimes it’s good to embrace high saturation, especially when it comes to the most special pieces in our collections. ‘Bold and bright’ is the new mantra, and Sutcliffe is making it impossible to ignore.

Clockwise from top left:
Emerald Treasure ring, Natures Wonder pendant, Whimsy Wonder earrings, Rose In Bloom ring, Briolette The Beautiful earrings, Oceans Bounty ring, Pacific Perfection ring, Arabian Nights ring

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