High Street welcomes new streetwear destination, Checks Store, to its ranks

Carefully curated men’s streetwear has never been more au courant. With its newfound acceptability in the everyday work place — especially that of creatives and independent thinkers — it pays to have a well-chosen selection on hand. Thankfully, a new central city boutique, Checks Store, is expanding the genre’s offering in Auckland.

Opening its doors yesterday, Checks is beckoning streetwear lovers to High Street. The unique destination is a highly personal project of the boutique’s founder Jordan Gibson, calling upon a playful, youthful outlook and eclectic range of influences. The brands stocked are both local and international with key names including Battenwear, Ben Davis and POP Trading Co. 

With an emphasis on quality and manufacturing ethics, aficionados will revel in the luxurious fabrics and designs at play. A cool white space home to even cooler clothes, Auckland gents would do well to stop by Checks for a visit.

Check Store

3-7 High St
Auckland CBD


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