Chaumet is heralding the return of the bangle with its elegant new collection

As a subtle nod to the brand’s Imperial past, Chaumet created the Bee My Love collection to reflect the hexagonal formation of a beehive. Given Napoleon’s penchant for the renowned French Maison and the fact that the bumblebee was often associated with his reign, this refined collection brings Chaumet’s storied history into a contemporary light.

Initially comprising a number of stackable rings, Bee My Love has now expanded to include a selection of bangles, highlighting an industry-wide trend that seems to be thrusting the wrist adornment back into fashion’s favour. Attracting significant buzz for their understated aesthetic and versatile nature, the bangles and rings that comprise this collection are designed for the discerning tastes of the modern woman and are available now from Hartfield Jewellers — the perfect way to elevate your everyday.


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