Larger than life and smarter than ever, the new BMW X5 is changing the game

Larger, smarter and more comfortable than ever before, the fourth generation BMW X5 is destined to redefine expectations for a large SUV. Alongside a strong focus on luxury, BMW’s groundbreaking new X5 iteration is offering a choice of three powerful engines and a line-up of driver assist technology including the usual lane-keeping, cruise control and reversing assistant functions alongside being the first BMW to be equipped with the latest iDrive infotainment system.

For those after heightened comfort, this can be emphasised by opting for a 2-axle air suspension system which will render bumps in the road virtually imperceptible. On the other hand, those seeking an off-road experience can choose an off-road package for the first time which, at the touch of a button, reconfigures the ride height, throttle response and stability control for any terrain your X5 may encounter.

The interior is one of the most opulent and streamlined we’ve seen from BMW in a while. A prolific use of leather makes for a decidedly luxurious feel, while the multi-faceted, Swarovski-crystal gear selector and panoramic glass roof with the option of adding 15,000 inbuilt LEDs to create the twinkling effect of a night sky cultivates an interior environment that goes far beyond simple comfort. One of our favourite features has to be the cooled and heated cupholders — finally offering a solution to keeping our flat whites warm when stuck in the traffic of a morning commute.

19 years on from BMW’s game-changing, first generation X5, the latest incarnation is smooth to drive, pleasant to sit in and shows just how far this revered automotive Marque has come. It would appear that not all good things come in small packages.


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