Meet the Baguette Be Bold, our newest jewellery obsession

Every once in awhile, a piece of jewellery comes along that captures our attention in a rather significant way. The type of jewel that sees us bypass reason and rationality on a course straight to ‘how can I have this?’, Partridge Jewellers’ Baguette Be Bold happens to be one such item.

Appearing at first glance to be a cluster of stacked rings, on closer inspection one discovers the lustrous sparkler is, in fact, a singular piece. Painstakingly crafted from 18-carat white gold with a generous serving of baguette- and round-cut diamonds, its unique design means it could quite happily sit on the hand as a ring with diamonds or the diamond ring. The type of adornment that deserves to be flaunted, the Baguette Be Bold is a beauty.


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