Take personalisation to the next level with these refined bracelets

For those not yet familiar with Alice Herald or her particular brand of refined, high-end jewellery, this Wanaka-based jeweller seamlessly weaves breathtaking diamonds into intriguing, contemporary designs. Her meticulous attention to detail and expert technical skill sees her deftly create collections that traverse the line between day-to-day wear and evening finery, creating some of the most unique pieces we’ve seen in a long time.

This versatility is something Herald is capitalising on in her latest line-up of bracelets, dubbed the ‘Initial Ones.’  Impossibly fine, 18kt and 9kt gold bracelets are designed as the ultimate everyday pieces, with delicate rows of diamonds that meld elegantly into textural chains. The focal point, however, is the letter featured in the middle of each bracelet, and able to be personalised according to the wearer. Granted, monogramming, engraving and personalising are popular in luxury circles at the moment, but Herald is offering a decidedly subtle take on the trend — without sacrificing any of the opulence.


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