3 ways Working Style’s AW19 collection is redefining the modern male fit

The straight up-and-down silhouette of menswear is nearing extinction as men’s fashion becomes more widespread and accessible. Having an interest and curiosity in fashion as a male is no longer the exception (not that it ever should have been) and brands are responding by switching up the norm and introducing a number of different, more contemporary fits. This shift can be seen in Working Style’s effortlessly cool new collection. Over the last 30 years (and counting), the New Zealand fashion brand has continued to evolve and learn, producing pieces that perfectly capture the needs of the modern man. From relaxed silhouettes, to new forms of accentuation and subtle statements, Working Style’s new collection appeals to every man for any occasion and here, it helps us outline some of the new style rules for the modern man.

1. Pattern is the new pink
Men’s fashion has come a long way. Even the shades that once were considered more ‘feminine,’ such as pink, have outgrown their old labelling, making them fit for any discerning man. It’s a trend towards embracing a softer style, and one that Working Style has given new life to in this collection. Via its eclectic mix of basket weave ties, floral pocket squares and checkered jackets, this brand is using pattern to create moments that are bold without being overbearing and masculine but in a much more delicate, understated way. Couple that with an autumnal palette of ‘boyish’ blues and chocolate browns (instead of monochromatic black and white) and it would seem that a tonal, patterned approach is the one to take this season.

2. Accentuating shape
During the 1950s, men’s blazers were all about the boast in shoulders until the mod movement, which began in the 1960s, reduced and narrowed the size of suits. The ultra-skinny fit that followed has also become somewhat outdated after men realised that the sacrifice of mobility could only be tolerated for so long. Working Style’s collection, however, has managed to find the perfect modern fit formula, striking a balance between keeping the shoulders natural while accentuating the waist to create an illusion of a stronger, broader chest without unnecessary discomfort.

3. Approachable textures
Beyond the necessity of owning a good suit, Working Style is emphasising how men should be putting as much effort into their day-to-day wear, with everyday boots and casual jackets included alongside its more tailored pieces. It’s also upping the versatility of this new collection by utilising a number of different textured fabrics, from a prestigious, lush velvet — perfect for an exclusive cocktail evening — to a more approachable boiled wool — made to suit anything and able to be dressed up or down. Its light suede boots are undoubtedly set to be the shoes of the season, while a quilted, brown bomber jacket will transition from day to evening with ease.


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