You haven’t lived until you’ve tried this almond milk

Most of us have dabbled in the old almond milk phase. Whether out of a lactose intolerance or simply lactose overload thanks to a few too many flat whites, it’s been a welcome change-up to the regular bovine or soy variety. But then came a new dilemma: the fact that most long life almond milks are filled to the hilt with sugars, stabilisers, starches and added oils — ingredients that give them, it would seem, the ability to withstand a nuclear blast. Meanwhile, the scarce fresh versions that emerged were wallet-shrivelling, short-lasting and unsafe for pregnant women and children to consume. Enter Almo Milk, the most divine almond milk we’ve ever tasted. With no questionable additives, this whiter-than-white substance is answering all our prayers for a wholesome, nutritious and delicious almond milk that is perfect for everyday use.

Pick up a bottle of Almo Milk from your nearest Huckleberry store. 

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