A Japanese whisky journey

While there’s no shortage of evidence to suggest that the Scots and the Irish have had a crucial hand in bestowing whisky onto eager lips, the distilled spirit has been quietly perfected in the land of the rising sun. And if the world’s leading whisky guide, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, saw fit to shake up the whisky world last year by giving top marks to a Japanese single malt, self-professed whisky connoisseurs best pay attention. Offering the perfect opportunity to begin your Japanese whisky journey, Auckland’s premium whisky and bourbon bar, The Jefferson, is paving the way with two whirlwind tastings to remember.

Spotlighting multiple award-winning spirits that can only get better with time such as the Yamazaki 18-year-old and the Hakushu 18-year-old, the session on Thursday, 20th October, is an opportunity well worth seizing as the whiskies on show are renowned for their rarity. The second tasting on Wednesday, 26th October, will take a different approach, where host Rory Donnelly, the Premium Spirits Ambassador for Suntory NZ, will take you through a curated line-up to showcase the vast differences in style at play.


The Jefferson

7 Fort Lane
Auckland CBD

0210 440 494


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