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Chocolate cocktails are officially a thing — here’s where to get your fix

We’ve long worshipped at the altar famed for bringing us chocolate milk like we’ve never had, dreamy decadence that has easily elevated all our dessert endeavours and fresh double cream custard that we’ll gladly devour by the spoonful. But, when Lewis Road Creamery unleashed their Chocolate Cream Liqueur, we were ever so slightly apprehensive. Could anyone really do a better job than the Irish? After rigorous taste tests at Denizen HQ, our conclusion is… heck, yeah.

Perfectly amalgamating the powers of fresh New Zealand cream and the finest Belgian chocolate with a triple-distilled premium spirits, this is adult indulgence at its best. Whether you opt to savour it simply over ice, swirling it around as you ponder upon the day’s events or allow it to elevate cocktails, coffee or ice cream, the notes of fresh hazelnut, white pepper, creamy cashew and cacao make a damn fine addition. Alternatively, we’ve done the hard yards to bring you five formidable concoctions, perfect for savouring at the esteemed establishments that created them:

1. ‘A Night With Jerry Lewis’ at MR TOMS
Pure sippable magic, this tantalising tipple combines our latest Lewis Road obsession with Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum and blood orange liqueur — delish.

2. ‘Gene Wilder’ at Caretaker
Featuring the finesse of Gosling’s rum, porter, yolk and nutmeg all shook up with the quintessential slug of Lewis Road Chocolate Liqueur, one sip and you’ll be smitten for good.

3. ‘Daisy Moo’s Revival’ at Golden Dawn
The next-level concoction here is an inspired one. Pairing the creamy potion with Jameson, amaretto liqueur, a splash of raspberry and a decent dash of Pernod, the spiced nightcap is a sweet dream indeed.

4. ‘Sunset Road’ at Bedford Soda & Liquor
While there are four formidable limited edition creations to sample the famed chocolate liqueur in all its glory here, this one — that brilliantly blends it with dark rum, orgeat, lime, basil and tiki bitters — is well worth erecting a totem in honour of. Served in a tiki mug over crushed ice.

Now available at Glengarry’s and selected Liquorlands, for the full list of chocolate concoctions sweeping our nation’s best bars and restaurants as we type this, click here

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