Six of the best green juice blends in town

Up your immunity with a green juice injection from these one-stop juice shops.

It would seem that the green movement (of the liquid constitution) just won’t go away. Each iteration in the evolution of a healthy juice seems to be more nutrient-packed than the next, with our increasingly busy lives rendering these salubrious concoctions ever more imperative. Thus, these vitamin-filled elixirs, designed to be consumed on-the-go, are quite possibly what will continue to get us through until the holiday season. Herein we round up some of the best green blends around town.

1. Wilder & Hunt
There’s nothing modest about these power-packed smoothies – a mere kale leaf or two will not do with the Forever Young combining the juice of apple and pineapple for a veritable vitamic C kick. The generous portion size, combined with the power of green, will surely keep you going awhile. (65 Mackelvie St, Ponsonby & 15 Maskell St, St Heliers)

2. Ceres Fresh Market
If you’re not absorbing the life-giving nutrients via osmosis upon entering Ponsonby Central’s Ceres fresh produce market, ordering a bona fide green juice or Extreme Green Protein smoothie from these folks should do the trick. You’ll find no rationing here with the verdant elixirs favoured by many for their jam-packed nutrient-dense goodness. (136 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby)

3. Ripe Deli
Renowned for their consistently delectable offerings, don’t look past Ripe’s ever-popular green smoothie that combines one banana with an honest handful of spinach, coconut water, a little coconut oil and lime juice for a rich yet tangy invigorating potation. (172 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn)

4. Sip Kitchen
Serving up supremely nutritive concoctions thanks to the employment of its Angel Juicer, the production of these slow-pressed vitamin hits involve no bulking or heat, just goodness served up in Auckland’s northern bounds amongst a plethora of other enticing blended options. (25 Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay)

5. Wedge Juice Bar
This central city juice stop, stationed in the entrance of Elliot Stables, proffers nothing more than the life-giving juice. With the greenest of green varieties; the Piccolo, counting kale, cucumber, mint and apple as its ingredients, you can count on this utmost invigorating concoction to consume on-the-run. (39 Elliot St, CDB)

6. Organic Mechanic
The only thing wanting about this health-giving juice stop is that you’ll have to wait until the weekend to get your hit. A permanent resident of Parnell’s La Cigale markets, these passionate blokes will see you served a blended juice brimming with the likes of kale, kombucha and much, much more. (69 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell)

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