Bedford Soda & Liquor
Blue Breeze Inn (left), Mr Tom's (right)
Coley & Punch (left), Scarlett Slimms & Lucky (right)

The most Instagrammable drinks in town

Combining our undying devotion for a decent drink and all things aesthetically pleasing, we’ve selflessly done the hard yards to find you Auckland’s most Instagrammable beverages. Some sweet, some spicy and most with a sizeable kick of the good stuff, may we present you with your 2017 Booze Bucket List.

Steaming Copper Kettles at Bedford Soda & Liquor
The novelty factor of this libation alone makes it a worthy order. Combining ice-cold apple and feijoa juice, jasmine green tea, cucumber, mint and vodka in a pot; it’s no wonder bright copper kettles were one of young Maria’s favourite things…

The Pomegranate Thyme at Meadow
Highlighting our favourite flavour of the season in suitably suave style, this refreshing potion is only set to grace the menu for a few more weeks, so be sure to get in before it’s gone.

Tropical Fruit Punch Du Jour at Blue Breeze Inn
Sometimes, simple is most photogenic. Especially when it entails an abundance of island fruits, laced with revitalising, pressed-to-order sugarcane juice. So good is this potation that we’ll gladly deal with the fact that it is alcohol-free.

Anything at Caretaker
We can’t tell you which drink to order at this underground drinking den, because the bartenders don’t work from a menu. Instead, they’ll listen to what you like and dislike then whip up something to suit. And though you’ll never know what’s coming, you can be sure it’ll be pretty.

Montenegro Mule at Coley & Punch
Beckoning us to sip on a little something cool at this seaside speakeasy, this twist on the classic is an icy thirst quencher made with fresh lime, ginger, Montenegro amaro liqueur, ginger beer and angostura bitters.

Blueberry Mojito at Scarlett Slimms & Lucky
Providing a salubrious twist to the irresistible fresh, punchy cocktail, this floral-adorned swig has been known to give rise to a boogie or two, how Instagrammable that may be, we can’t guarantee.

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