The clean crusade

This refreshing new soda is overtaking in taste and falling short in the sugar stakes.

As our fast-paced, hectic lifestyles increasingly call for a clean, crisp drinking experience, thankfully a new thirst quencher has come to the rescue. Delivering on taste, Höpt aptly fulfils our social drinking needs as a cleaner alternative to the otherwise saccharine options available when out and about. Designed as a clean soda, Höpt is the perfect accompaniment to a healthy lifestyle.

Garnering popularity at Seafarers’ Ostro and City Terrace, the refreshing soda is fast becoming the go-to drinking alternative of the social set. Chef Josh Emett describes Höpt as a particularly refreshing drink that pairs beautifully with his healthy menu offerings at City Terrace. Designed as a light and refreshing lunch for the time-poor, the popular Prawn and Miso salad pairs harmoniously with Höpt’s Pear and Basil soda – the pear and subtle herb notes deliciously offset the salad comprised of iceberg, edamame, shiso cress, black sesame and miso prawns.

For those keen to dabble in a cocktail, Höpt also provides a welcome alternative as a delicious, clean-tasting base. Ostro’s celebrated barman Cameron Timmins, favours Höpt over other sugar laden alternatives for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. One of Timmins’ favourite cocktail creations, the Tall Poppy Collins, employs the subtle flavour of Höpt Salted Lychee Soda as its base. Combine 30ml Ketel One vodka, 15ml St Germain Elderflower liquer, 15ml fresh pressed lemon juice over ice and top with the crisp Höpt soda for a refreshing clean cocktail.

Those on the go can easily fall into the fraught world of succumbing to the inevitable plethora of sugar-laden drinks when no other option presents itself. But scrutinising the contents of popular sodas has fast tracked us to a clean drinking revolution that leaves us desiring something more salubrious. We’re pleased to find that Höpt has answered our plight, delivering the option of a high in taste, low in sugar alternative.

Bon Vivant

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