Raising the ‘Bar’: The glassware you really need

When it comes to our bubbly beverage of choice, and perhaps more recently when seeking out a morning fix of epic proportions, it would be silly to spurn the science-backed power of the right vessel. Proven to aid in everything from exploring elusive tasting realms to keeping a beverage frosty for longer, we’ve done the hard yards to bring you the only glasses you need know:

Single and Double Old Fashioned Glasses
Best for: Classic cocktails served on the rocks
It’s all about the base with this one. Ensure that you go big (within reason obviously) or go home as the ample room for large ice cubes or balls will keep dilution at bay while ensuring your expertly-poured short drinks keep their cool. These are prime examples of S.O.F and D.O.F glasses.

Small Longdrink Glasses
Best for: Small cocktails, juice, sparkling water
You’ll need an all-rounder glass that’s up for any task at the bar. Ideally, choose one that is slightly rounded on the inside as this helps carbonated drinks stay fresher for longer too, like this one.

Longdrink Glasses
Best for: Highball cocktails
Proportions count. A good highball glass will possess the right capacity for a long drink best consumed leisurely. The right height, like this one, also ensures the perfect fit in a standard freezer to complete your strikingly visual (and tactile) frosted beverages.

Cocktail Glasses
Best for: Classic cocktails
Sometimes referred to as a martini glass, these are the favoured vessel for many a shaken or stirred concoction as the stem lifts the bowl away from the hands which would otherwise warm and ruin the imbiber’s icy sippable slurry. This is a gorgeous example.

Coupette Glasses
Best for: Elegance and capacity
While the perks of a coupe are similar to that of the aforementioned cocktail glass, its charmingly refined silhouette also allows for more cocktail to be held with less spillage, coping well even as the revelry ramps up. This is a fine specimen. 

Nosing Glasses
Best for: Whisky
Perfect for sampling strong spirits, you’ll want a nosing glass that allows a great deal of exchange with the air while simultaneously concentrating and focusing the aromas without numbing the nose. This is a fantastic example.

Tasting Glasses
Best for: Wine and other complex drinks with elusive aromas
A good tasting glass should have an elongated tulip shape to encourage air exchange and allow the beverage to breathe. The best ones, such as this, are capable of capturing fragile notes in the glass for a real feast for the senses.

The above glasses, chosen to accommodate every cocktail under the sun can be found within traditional glass-manufacturer Spiegelau and bar expert Stephan Hinz’s Perfect Serve Collection. Lending burgeoning bartenders their superior prowess, to procure or peruse the only glasses you’ll ever need, visit The Studio of Tableware, in-store or online here

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