Catalyst is a must-try for all coffee connoisseurs

Remuera's new cafe is focused on one thing and one thing only — making good coffee.

I know my barista’s name. It’s Tom. I also know he lives on the North Shore, rides a bike and has a cat called Smith. He knows I like long blacks, the musical stylings of Elton John and little-to-no conversation first thing in the morning. That’s about as far as my daily coffee experience goes, and until now, that’s been fine. But ever since meeting with the team at new cafe Catalyst who can name the country, farm and story of each cup they send out the door, I’ve found myself wanting more from old Tommy.

Run by two national barista champions, the just-opened Remuera cafe is dedicated to serving only the finest single-origin coffee, and because of that, who and where the beans come from will constantly change depending on what’s drinking well that week. Serving up the curated coffees — both local and international — from their beautifully minimal triangular shop (that was revamped by the always-outstanding Fit Out Company) in Remuera’s Village Green, the cabinet also boasts a fresh selection of pastries to complement the crafty brews.

Making your morning cuppa more than just a drive by boost, Catalyst is a splendid little local you need to know about. 

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Friday: 8am-4pm
Saturday & Sunday: 


The Village Green
415 Remuera Road

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