Morning fix: Atomic Shortland Street

In a perpetual ode to great coffee in the CBD, our attention has been turned to an inner city stalwart, Atomic Shortland Street, whose dependability to fuel us in all the right ways has earnt it a place in our repertoire of town’s best coffee stops. Tucked neatly underneath the Kenneth Meyers Centre, the Atomic Coffee outpost is nestled in just the right spot to capture passers-by in need of caffeination. With a rotation of execptionally friendly staff who know how to make a flat white that will put all others to shame, its hard to past this modest yet satiating little nook. Combine that with their seriously good cabinet line-up and you can understand why this Shortland Street pitstop is the fuel station of choice for inner city suits.

Atomic Shortland Street

70 Shortland Street
Auckland CBD

(09) 377 4909

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