Matured to perfection: this is coffee, but not as you know it

Denizens, with a penchant for the finer things in life comes an unwillingness to compromise on one’s crucial caffeine fix. So, imagine our delight when we received word that, much like a fine wine, when allowed the time and space to express itself, a whole new coffee experience awaits. In this case, that occurrence has been harnessed for our drinking pleasure thanks to the new limited edition Selection Vintage 2014 capsule — Nespresso’s first aged coffee.

Destined to please the discerning palates that precipitate our nation’s reputation for a good brew, to craft each complex hit, first, a selection of washed Arabica beans is sent for from the lush Colombian Highlands (an origin not known for ageing coffee). Then, the precious commodity is stored under rigorously monitored conditions (that measure time, oxygen, moisture in the air, light and atmospheric pressure) for three years — a technique unique to Nespresso, devised after years painstaking experimentation. After which, a sophisticated split roasting technique is used where a portion of the beans are lightly roasted to protect the delicately elegant aromas, while the remainder is roasted dark to unleash the mature flavours within whilst calling forth a richness of texture. The result? A complex cup with just the right balance of woodiness and softened fruity notes, decadently dispatched in a smooth, velvety sip well worth savouring until the last.

Boasting an intensity rating of seven, Nespresso’s first aged coffee is not to be missed, now available online

Bon Vivant

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