Lighter Libations

Satisfy your palate and your conscience with these low calorie cocktails.

The Christmas season nigh upon us brims with celebrations and indulgence, so ensuring you needn’t miss out on enjoying this festive period to the full, we’ve rounded up a selection of health-conscious, lower calorie cocktails that far from compromise on taste.

Piña Colada from Tyler Street Garage
Tyler Street’s novel take on the classic Piña Colada involves freshly pressed pineapple juice for a vitamin C kick, combined with coconut water and the all-essential rum. The electrolytes alone will kill any potential hangover, all for a mere 115 calories.

Green Garden from Bedford Soda & Liquor 
Bedford’s Green Garden doesn’t fail to deliver a calorie light option using a gin base mixed with an aromatic combination of mint, basil, lemon, fejoa (the only sugar source), cucumber and a garnish of lavender.

Illegal Plantation from 46 & YORK
Using agave nectar in lieu of sugar and the goodness of fresh mango, this Parnell favourite’s Illegal Plantation combines it all with original dark rum and the cleansing qualities of Mexican mezcal.

Nagasaki Sour from Fukuko 
The Nagasaki Sour appeals to the protein obsessed using egg white combined with fig infused bourbon, a touch of rye whisky and fresh pressed citrus. The result is a deliciously tangy, low-sugar libation.

Tuaca Sour from SPQR
In a similar fashion, SPQR’s Tuaca Sour uses the low-calorie suaveness of egg white to emulsify the vanilla and citrus liqueur with lemon juice for a tart but supremely tasty cocktail that won’t blow the calorie count.

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